Today I discovered some really cool feeding items that I would like to share I find them so innovative that I think I am going to go out and buy some of them right now. They are all new items so I have not found any on sale yet, but the prices are not so steep that they are not affordable. Plus, if they save money on after meal clean ups then they are totally worth it.

The first product is the Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon pictured below. This spoon holds baby food and only dispenses one spoonful at a time. This allows for proper portions and easy clean up. It is dish-washer safe and holds up to 3 ounces of baby food.

The second fabulous feeding product is the Catch Bowl. The built in spill catcher bridges the gap between baby and the bowl. This reduces mess because things that fall slide back into the bowl. It is a great transition bowl for children who are getting too old or fussy to wear bibs and for parents who still don’t want to wash a shirt after every meal.

The last fabulous find for the day are the Benders Adaptable Utensils. These are the perfect utensils for children who are just learning to feed themselves. Instead of having to maneuver the spoon or fork to the right angle, these utensils are bendable so that food can go straight from bowl to mouth. This allows children more independence for feeding themselves and prevents a whole lot of messes. As eating gets easier these utensils can be straightened to help transition children to real forks and spoons.

I hope you find these products as fabulous as I do.



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