Diaper bags become an inescapable fact of life once you have a baby. Thanks to so many fabulous and brilliant designers though, you no longer have to carry around a bulky, unattractive or childish bag. Today there are fashion forward bags, diaper bags that look like purses, backpacks and even small little ones for short outings. There a big ones to carry everything and anything, and ones with an organizer for anything you might need. Below are some fabulous bags that I have found. I hope you enjoy and fin a bag that you truly like to carry around.

Fleurville MotherShip Bag.

I absolutely LOVE this bag. It is funky, stylish, durable, and super organized. It also come in a pink for girls. It has a place for everything. There is key ring so you won’t rummage for keys anymore. There are two large side pockets for cell phones or other easy access items. There is an insulated bottle holder, a change pad in a separate bag and a wipes case. The inside is also divided into a whole bunch of compartments to keep everything organized. It is designed to stay open for easy rummaging and the liner is fully water-proof. The only down side may be the price. This bag does run more pricey then others but is totally worth the investment if you want a bag that can really do it all.

Cross Town Clutch Diaper Bag

This is a fabulous bag for someone who does not want to tote around a big bag and for those fashion forward moms who refuse to carry a bag with a cartoon character. This clutch inspired diaper bag is a fabulous way to disguise the fact that you are carrying a diaper bag and as a bonus, when your done with diaper duty you can always convert it to an actual purse. It comes with a changing pad. Beware though that for full day outings this is not going to carry enough stuff, but it sure is cute.

Hottie Tottie Blue Chrysanthemum Canvas Diaper Tote

For a less expensive but just as fashionable option check out the Hottie Tottie line of diaper bags. Although not as organized as the first diaper bag, they are large enough for a whole day out and sturdy enough to handle a load.

City Chic Diaper Bag – Flatiron Floral

The best thing about this bag is the detachable clutch. This way you can pack for a day and then if you only need a few things grab the clutch and go. The side pockets are roomy enough for bottles or sippy cups and it also comes with a change pad.



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