Lately I have been obsessed with nursery decorating. I can’t wait to one day own a house and have a designated nursery. I have been researching and planning for moths and recently I discovered the most amazing decorating product.

Wallcandy Arts are stickers for decorating room walls. They come in many themes and are so simple to use. Just peel and stick to create fabulous rooms. I’m thinking of using the “WallCandy Arts Dottilicious package to create a funk, modern, unisex nursery. The color palette is perfect. It’s muted and you can always omit a color if you want it more or less gender specific. Best of all, you can always remove it without leaving a trace a rearrange the room or create a whole new one.

(WallCandy Arts Dottilicious)

Below are a few other WallCandy ideas:

So as you can see there are many options for both boys girls and unisex.



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