Teething can be one of the hardest times in a baby and parent. It is a time when even the calmest and laid back child can become a crying nightmare. So here is fabulous find number two and one of the best things I have found in a long time.


The First Years vibrating teether us a G-d send for fussy babies. Every time baby bites down the vibrating top provides relief for painful gums and the rubber top is a soft chew toy. Everyone I know who has this product LOVES it.

Below I have listed a few other options for teething rings. They range from simple ones that go in the freezer to funky and fun ones with all sorts of baubles for baby to teethe on.

This is a fun colored and very inexpensive option. It goes in the freezer and the cold always helps. Plus, bonus tip, it’s on sale now so just click on the picture and order it.

Sassy makes some really fun animal shaped ones. I have attached a few below.

And of course the funky and fun teether promised above…

Another trick that really worked for me is using the mesh feeders (try the Sassy Teething Feeder)with an ice cube (or frozen banana if your child is old enough) in it. Let them suck and chew on it and the cold numbs some of the pain.

Finally don’t forget the orajel or Hyland’s Teething Gel (if you prefer something homeopathic). This little tube can be a life saver as a first choice or a last resort when all else fails.



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