As the name of my blog this site is also meant to help us moms be fabulous, look fabulous, feel fabulous, and of course find fabulous things. That is why for the next 7 posts I am going to present another fabulous idea or product.

Where better to start then the beginning of motherhood…pregnancy. My first find is for all my fabulous religious (and not) pregnant followers. I know that finding skirts can be hard enough, but when you’re pregnant it’s even harder to find ones that don’t make you feel like a house. So below are a few that I have found so you won’t have to look as hard.

I lived in jean skirts when I was pregnant. The best one I have ever found is made by “Seven for all Mankind”. If you wear jean pants this is a great brand as well. They are a little pricey but truly make a pregnant woman feel like a million bucks.

The newest thing I have found is called the “secret fit belly”. It provides seamless and comfortable coverage. The belly goes higher so that your shirt covers completely and there are no extra material
lines. I especially love the secret fit belly(tm) ag pencil skirt which happens to be on sale right now.

For a less pricey, but just a fashionable and flattering, jean skirt check out the american star skirt with secret fit belly(tm). This too has the high waste band and is extremely comfortable.

If you don’t like the high belly the all-around belly 5 pocket knee length denim skirt is another inexpensive option that is not high bellied.

Below I have attached a few other skirts that are either great deals or really cute. Be sure to check out Destination Maternity – (everything you need for pregnancy)because right now are all the big sales.


Mothers Work, Inc.Mothers Work, Inc.

  1. i don’ choose the models just find the skirts. But it is funny although not surprising considering what the average model looks like

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