It’s that time of year again, when kids get the sniffles and you feel like you should buy stock in kleenex. That’s right, the weather is getting colder and the kids are getting colds. My kids seem extra prone to colds, especially whenever the weather changes, so I have tested many products and developed some different ways to deal.

First of all, if you live somewhere dry or in an apartment like mine where the heat is automatically turned on and you have no control, buy a humidifier. These small devices work wonders for reducing the phlegm so your little mines can sleep better. If you have the money to spend the Slant/Fin Germ Free Humidifier, Model GF-220 is a really great one. It is very easy to clean and not hard to refill because of the two separate tanks. I also read many reviews that say that it stands the test of time.
For my kids i bought the CRANE humidifier (Crane Adorable Humidifiers). I bought the frog version but it comes in many adorable animals such as a cow, hello kitty, Thomas the Tank and a pig. These humidifiers are more affordable, easy to use and relatively easy to clean. i also only have to refill it about every three days. This is great because it can be a hassle to have to refill every night. This product has been a G-d sent for my son who was waking up from our overly dry apartment air.
To make humidifiers even more effective when your kids are sick, try to find Vicks VapoSteam Liquid Medication, Camphor Cough Suppressant inserts that give off a menthol steam to help really clear up congestion. Keep in mind though that these inserts only work in hot/warm air humidifiers such as the Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier. If you choose a cold air humidifier like I did you can always rub vaporub on your child’s chest for the same effect. Be sure to use Vicks BabyRub Soothing Vapor Ointment on infants and small children because the adult version can be too harsh for their skin and contains too much medication.

The thing that I find most distressful about cold season is the runny noses. There is nothing that my kids hate more then me wiping their noses on a constant basis. To help myself and give them a break I use a nasal aspirator and saline drops. I have found the brand Little Noses to be a really great brand for children. Little Noses Saline Spray/Drops is what I use on my infant. It doesn’t have a decongestant but I was told I can not use a decongestant on such a small child. For my son who is over two I use Little Noses Decongestant Nose Drops. They really help clear him up so he can get back to his rambunctious self (which compared to him sick is a blessing). You can also purchase the Little Noses Stuffy Nose Kit which comes with an aspirator and nose drops. This nasal aspirator is decent but I find that my kids HATE when I have to put it in their noses so the easier it is to get in the better. That is why I bought American Red Cross 7-pc. Health Kit. It comes with everything I need to ‘help the medicine go down’. If you just want the aspirator Safety 1st Hospital’s Choice Nasal Aspirator has a very similar shape to the Red-Cross one and is sold separately. The only thing I must mention though, you should make sure to sanitize this often and the best way to do that is in boiling water.
If you are willing to spend more money I highly recommend the BebeSounds Nasal Clear, Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator. I have researched this one and cannot wait to get mine. Everyone I know with this says that the battery operation is much better then the manual aspirators and the tunes played while sucking helps distract the baby. It also come apart easily for cleaning and is dishwasher safe. This one also has two different tips for different shaped noses. That solves my biggest problem of the manual ones being to think for my daughter’s nose. Like I said, I can’t wait to get mine.

I hope that these products and tips really help you survive this years cold season. More importantly I hope that you all have healthy kids and don’t really need my tips.

xoxo Carla

  1. Try Probiotics! Not only are they good for a healthy digestive system, they also can help prevent colds and flu! I give my kids a line of chewable probiotics because they do not like yogurt. My neighbor introduced me to them. They are called Vidazorb chewable probiotics and you can get them for both kids and adults. My kids love the taste and they don’t even have to be refrigerated. Check out the website…

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